Awen Online

Awen Online is an irregular online sister to Atlantean Publishing's print 'zine Awen, and also edited by DJ Tyrer. Each issue — shorter than a regular Awen, but longer than a Bard — is themed, unlike its print sibling. These small collections are largely devoted to poetry, although some prose fiction has appeared.

Ten instalments were published on Atlantean's earlier websites between November 2004 and February 2012; all ten have been preserved here in their appearance from our last online home. After a lengthy hiatus of two years, brand new issues eleven and twelve have appeared in 2014.
A lucky thirteenth issue is now in the planning stages — we have decided on the theme, appropriately enough, of Luck. We are in need of submissions of poems and/or very brief fiction, so see our current requirements page for more details.

Click the links below to visit each themed issue and enjoy the poetry and fiction within:
  • Issue Thirteen — Luck
    To come — content is now needed! See our
    submissions calls page for further details.
                         By DJ Tyrer
The darkened room, the chill of death
Muffled footsteps behind, or an icy breath
Strange shadows, or a curious light
A shiver of fear, the lure of horror
A movement, a shriek, a groan
The sight of a coffin, a bat's flight
An owl's cry, on a lonely night
A secret door, a cobwebbed stair
A snuffed out candle, a shadowy form
A muttered word, a dusty tome
A rumour, howling wind, a moan
With each of these it comes:
Creeping Terror

          (Originally part of issue two)