Awen Online Issue 6


Sun Haiku
By DJ Tyrer

sunlight dappling ground
warmth massages life, revives
plants grow and we see

By Aeronwy Dafies

Sunlight is beauty
A liquid gold
Illuminating leaves and life
A bright patterner
Painting in light and shade
Brings the world to life
Warmth is pleasant
But heat can burn
When warm summer blazes alive

Sunburn Haiku
 By DJ Tyrer

Too much sun skin cracks
Red-raw, head hurts, lotion
Rub it in and trust

The Sun
 By DS Davidson

The sun's pretty straightforward
When we see it every day
Perhaps the nocturnal creatures
View it another way?

Sunny Day
 By Aeronwy Dafies

When the sun shines
Britain bursts to life
As folk head for seaside
Or the local park
To sunbathe the day away
The warmth invigorates
Or makes you sluggish
A cool breeze is wonderful
On beach, in park
No clouds get in the way
Make the most
Lest it should disappear
Day fall overcast
Abandon beach and park
As the sun is chased away

Sunlight & Void 
By DJ Tyrer

The sun lights the way home
Across the dark night of space
But fades into the background
Just another star pinprick
Lost in the inky void

By DJ Tyrer

Heart swells with joy
At the sight of the yellow star
Welcome home
It seems to say
Earth is there ahoy
After a voyage so very far
Welcome home
Nevermore go away