Awen Online Issue 9


 Under the Table
By Saachi Sadcha
And when Alice supped from the bottle
“Drink me” menacingly fluttered
A curious change aroused the air
For she shrunk right down

A crash of the glass and the tag bit her
Now twice her body
A melon size dewdrop of poison clung there
For no longer significant was Alice

She looked up and was beholden
To stop in her ministration
A world high above cut into wood
For always there but now only seen

“Che!” Alice muttered and dismissed the crust
Inverted above her head
Scratched and monikered with “I wuz here foo”
And the like

Sticky bulbous threads hung, the ugly chandeliers
Prechewed, pink, green, white, dingy
Formulas and swears and phone numbers
To tiny whores
All this while Alice bartered with the lock

By Aeronwy Dafies
A whole world in a dewdrop
An entire cosm in that drop
Fascinates me, intrigues me
A whole world in a dewdrop
Like our own in microcosm

Alien World
By Dirk Holland
I had a vision
Of an alien world
Of a world unlike our own
I had a vision
Of an alien world
Of a world quite unknown
I had a vision
Of an alien world
Not understanding what was shown

"Other Worlds" exist on the
periphery of
time... not near rhythmical rhyme.

By David Edwards

Many other worlds
In the winter of deep space
Frozen and lifeless

By DJ Tyrer

Other Worlds
By Aeronwy Dafies

Other worlds fascinate me
I marvel at what can be
Whether fiction or reality
Whether prosaic or fantasy
Which with mind's eye I see
An intriguing infinity

Other Worlds
By DJ Tyrer

Other worlds scattered
Across the firmament
Other lives deferred
Wherever life went
Novelty is preferred
On worlds heavensent

By Amanda Courtney

I looked at another world
Like Alice through the Looking Glass
Only to find the other world
Was looking back at me

Alice Down The Wormhole
By DS Davidson

Alice plunges downward
Where up and down aren't
Down into the wormhole
A mathematical burrow

Alice plunges downward
Between dimensions
Beyond dimensions
Towards other worlds

Alice exits outward
Into unknown reaches
Elongated by forces
Pulled ever onward

Alice exits outward
Where reality is different
Out towards new worlds
Probing every one

Alien Vista
By Aeronwy Dafies

Strange plants of unknown form
Chromatic cliffs that tower high
Moss-like trees are the norm
That reach upto the sky
Vast creatures roam the surface
And to all intents
Move at a millennial pace
Like walking continents