Awen Online Issue 10


   It was not such a
bad thing, dying; but being
   alive was better! 
                              By David Edwards

On The Dole
By DJ Tyrer

No matter what you do
No matter how little you claim
You are a feckless scrounger
Whom no-one wants to hire
And no worth to your name

By Aeronwy Dafies

A joyous swirl of beauty and energy
Frenetic, energetic
Lasting moments or centuries
Each species unique, each life unique
Meaning unclear, yet life is so dear
Joining in that dance of endless chance

The Problem With Susan
By DJ Tyrer

The Problem with Susan
Is that she is in denial :
She pretends there is no Narnia
If only for a little while.

Death Haiku
By Aeronwy Dafies

Mourn not what must be
Death is in the tapestry
Just as winter is

Life & Death
By DS Davidson

From the very moment you first draw breath
You find yourself ever stalked by death
For life is never full of ease
For life is a terminal disease

Life's daily traumas inflict tiny injuries upon us, with the cumulative effect of these wounds being death.
It is not disease nor diet nor depravity that leads to death, but life.
David Edwards