Awen Online Issue 12


by David Edwards

... And how many of
our Adventures – war
deeds, daring feats, romantic
pleasures — resulted from the
fear of censure... or
simple peer pressure?

      by DS Davidson

A firm jaw
And rippling muscles
The preferred form
For a hero
No matter reality

      Brave pilgrims wander
      Through far distant sacred land
      Divine adventure

                                    by Aeronwy Dafies

      Hero, sword in hand
      Slaughtering hordes of man-beasts
      Genocide artform

                                    by Aeronwy Dafies

      Knights Adventurous
        by DS Davidson

Upon white chargers
Bold knights ride
Forth in search
of glorious adventure
Unheeding of risk
Unheeding of foes
Daring knights ride
Slaying enemy knights
On chargers black
Devilish giants, imps
And other beasts
All for glory
Those knights ride
Those knights adventurous
            Our Hero, Sir Blodry
                    by DJ Tyrer

A quailing heart a hero should not make
Yet our hero, Sir Blodry, is no fake
By some misfortune or luck most strange
To appear a hero fortune would oft arrange
Not through bravery, neither through skill
Nor manly virtue nor a mighty will
Not by design but by accident
Victory to poor Sir Blodry went
To his surprise he slew a fell beast
Yet of his successes 'twas counted the least
He thwarted his foes, even the Devil, they said
Although, to be honest, he just with alacrity fled
Yet his protestations oft were cut short
When offered rewards he never had sought
For no matter what one's intent
It's hard to refuse gifts to well meant
And though the why he never really knew
Sir Blodry's legend grew and grew
And whilst on adventures he loathed to go
The poor knight was declared a hero
And whenever evil threatened the land
All were glad to have him at hand
Yet no matter how his poor heart quailed
Through dumb luck Sir Blodry never failed
His legend waxing with all that entailed
As again and again he somehow prevailed

      Thrillseekers abound
      Fearing neither heights nor depths
      Enjoying the risk

                                    by Aeronwy Dafies

      Knights adventurous
      Seeking the grail and glory
      No matter the risk

                              by DS Davidson