Awen Online Issue 1


                SPACE AND TIME                                    
                                  By DJ Tyrer

Length - breadth - a little bit of depth;
Time and space - another place;
Higher dimension - too much to mention!

                               By DS Davidson

Comet ice evaporates in a mighty tail
A portent of doom to observers below
The space debris becomes harbinger
The destroyer of worlds.

                    NEW WORLD                                  
                                  By DJ Tyrer

A pure, unsullied planet,
No sign of humanity.
The settlers are approaching,
How safe can it be?

                           By DS Davidson

Hubcap-shaped probe detaches
Descends from the silver mother craft
Enters the atmosphere below
A chromatic fireball shooting
Observing all that passes below.

    WILL WE EVER LEARN?                                  
                           By DJ Tyrer 
Born in the nightmare of World War 2
In the explosive launch of the V2
The space age began in the Cold War
East versus West in space, keeping score
An age of oppression and War on Terror
Then we fled Earth which was now in error
But authority followed those that had fled
And on distant worlds were dissidents dead
Technology progressed mostly for conflict
Planet obliterators new ends can inflict
Further out into the night folk continued to flee
Always a refrain of "please, leave us be!"
And as for a new heaven we continue to yearn
One really must wonder when will we learn?

                   MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE 
                                  By DS Davidson

To he who shall read this, bid attend!
To a cautionary tale of a race's genocide.
I, who write this, am a V'nhorr,
The last of my kind - I shall die alone.

My race once alone dwelt upon a small world
At peace, unknown to others, and they to us.
Then in a storm of smoke and flame, descending
Came brazen pods of strange explorers.

Then the K'shrrn came...

The K'shrrn, mighty race of war, desired
To conquer our world for a mineral: Spironium.
Descending sheets of flame turned cities to ash
And unyielding warriors filled fields with gore.

They slaughtered all, old and young, male and female,
Lest we should oppose them and their mines.
A stand was made but our terrified soldiers
Stood no chance against the terrible K'shrrn.

Madness and death overcame...

Now I commit to the void of space
This message in a fragile container
As a reminder of our terrible fate
And as a warning to you all.

Such is the way of the world today
For the cause of greed innocents must die
Soon the death squads shall uncover me
And with my death the V'nhorr shall die.

Message ends.

                           By Nick Armbrister 
The Gryphons once formed a mighty fleet,
a fleet of fragile and deadly craft
half alive and half machine, ready
to do their masters' work.
Now there were only twelve, all of the
others fell to earth like blazing comets
in one war or another since the
Third Shining.
Each craft is alive in its own little world.
These are the last of the long
line of deadly flying machines,
all of which now cease to exist.
The Gryphons see and sense everything,
barometric pressure, radiation, temperature
and more.
Their deadly cargo can be of viral strains
that smell of roses and deathly
mutagenic rains from hell.
They are given names like Astra,
Zelus and Kesef.
Names of heroes long since gone
but their memory lives on in these
twelve little craft.

                      By Aeronwy Dafies 

Ticking seconds passing
Passing swiftly like light
Infinite regression of
Counting down forever
Forever marking off
Passing fleeting moments
Counting down to

                              By JC Hartley

Boredom is primal watching the inmates
Of client planet tributary four
They eat sleep screw and mutilate themselves
With clockwork timing
Nothing can be learned
Except our ability to hate
It's a small step from wish list to death list.

                            By Nick Armbrister

Strange hazy shapes in the rainy sky,
dancing lights in the dark of night,
who knows what they are?
Impossible accelerations and crazy
manoeuvers in a second.
no plane can do those. It's the
element of the unknown, so scary
and dangerous.
People tell of strange beings
coming in the night, of sharp objects
and needles and terrible pain.
Nightmare dreams that shatter
their lives and the terror of
falling asleep.
All this frightens people even
those with an open mind.
Everyone should look at the sky
with caution on those dark cloudy nights.

                      STAR WARS                               
                               By DS Davidson

Vast star cruisers rove the spacelanes
Obliterating dissidents
Weapons a light year long dominate
Shattering binary stars.

                          By Aeronwy Dafies

The pale moon rises
Marking time
Marking time Beautifully
Silver globe
Wondrous night light
Pure divinity.

                            By Nick Armbrister

Oh, mighty planet of fire and ice
you are the bounty of life
and of all things ever made.
You belong in all worlds especially ours
where the frozen water at your poles
and the fire at your middle heart
make all life yours to control.

The creatures of fire swim
in seas of molten lava
while the beings of ice glide
over the infinites frozen lakes.
All of your planet is a crystal ball
of energy that is life.
Now mankind reaches out
and comes to Kia for the first time.

In the year that went unrecorded
Man came and fell in love
with your many multifaceted ways.
He has sailed on lakes of lava
and tunneled the icy wastelands.
He has found types of life that he
never thought existed and he
was amazed to see them there and then.

               TIME AND SPACE
                                  By DJ Tyrer

Awful children, how terrible!
Socrates, 399 BC.

Sex 'n' drugs 'n' rock 'n' roll,
Kids today are out of control.

Settlers complain of disobedient youth
That they thought they'd left behind.

Wherever you go, whatever the date,
Things don't change!

                      By Aeronwy Dafies 
Light of a thousand years
Like a thousand eyes
Seeing through all-time
Their gaze lighting today.

By JC Hartley

Nine miles to World's End
And life proceeds as normal
We're nearly over our
Guilt about the dinosaurs
We see the morning city
But getting there takes too long
No-one seems to die
A face from the past
On each street corner
In the frozen lake
Indefinite reflections
Sometimes a new traveller
Steps out of the western night
Full of enthusiasm
All too soon comes the snow face
On the eastern horizon
The burning pillar
Any day now we begin