Atlantean Publishing is an established British small press, publishing short fiction, poetry and some non-fiction pieces, run since 1996 by its founding editor DJ Tyrer. It produces several regular 'zines and an increasing variety of other publications in a distinctive 'no-frills' style, featuring a wide range of authors and contributors from the UK and elsewhere, the small-press scene and beyond.
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Early in 2014 we added up all our print publications over the past 17 and a bit years, and discovered that March's poetry booklet The Dark Tower Volume 4 was our 500th total title released in hard copy in that time — and there's plenty more where those came from! Nonetheless, we've also recently experimented with our first ebook publication, urban horror collection Black & Red now being available in either printed or electronic versions.

Our main web presence is at our online HQ, the Atlantean Publishing Wiki, where most of the above links will send you — on which you will find all sorts of information about this press, our publications, new and upcoming releases, guidelines for those who wish to submit stories, poetry, artwork etc. for future publications, details of our past content and contributors, as well as trivia for when you are bored! Hundreds of pages already exist, including for all of Atlantean's recent output, although the eighteen-year-long history of the press means that the growing archive sections will continue to get slowly filled in for a good long time to come yet. All writers and artists who've contributed to our publications are welcome to add a short biography to the wiki, or we can do it for you: just drop us a line with the details you'd like mentioned.